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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Genetic relationships between composition of pork bellies and performance, carcase and meat quality traitsHermesch, Susanne 25-Nov-2009
22007Genetic analysis of feed intake in lactating sowsHermesch, Susanne 14-Jan-2010
32004Genetic improvement of lean meat growth and feed efficiency in pigsHermesch, S 30-Jul-2008
42009Effet du génotype halothane sur les performances de croissance, qualitiés du carcasse et de viandeMerour, Isabelle; Schwob, S; Hermesch, Susanne ; Larzul, C8-Mar-2010
52006The relationship between reproductive performance of crossbred sows and the EBVs of their purebred damsSuarez, Matias; Hermesch, Susanne ; Braun, JA21-Mar-2012
62005Genetic parameters for characteristics of pork belliesHermesch, Susanne ; O'Shea, J M8-Feb-2010
72001The effect of cross-fostering on growth differs between piglets of heavy and light birthweightsHermesch, Susanne ; Luxford, BG; Graser, Hans-Ulrich 8-Jun-2012
82007Season and parity effects on the feed intake of lactating sows in an Australian commercial piggeryJones, Robert Michael; Hermesch, Susanne 7-Jun-2012
92003Genetic relationship between a new feeding pattern trait and performance traitsMcSweeny, JM; Hermesch, Susanne ; Crump, Ronald E ; Luxford, BG8-Jun-2012
102005Estimated breeding values for number born alive in pigs - do they really work?Suarez, Matias; Braun, JA; Nakavisut, Sansak; Hermesch, Susanne 7-Jun-2012