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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Technical note: Updating the inverse of the genomic relationship matrixMeyer, Karin ; Tier, Bruce ; Graser, Hans-Ulrich 16-Sep-2013
22013Sampling Based Approximation of Confidence Intervals for Functions of Genetic Covariance MatricesMeyer, Karin ; Houle, David24-Mar-2014
32009Comparison of Different Variance Component Estimation Approaches for MACE: Direct and Bottom-up PCTyriseva, A M; Meyer, Karin ; Jakobsen, J; Ducrocq, V; Fikse, F; Lidauer, M H; Mantysaari, E A15-Mar-2010
42005Estimates of covariance functions for growth of Nelcore cattle applying a parametric correlation structure to model within-animal correlationsAlbuquerque, LG; Meyer, Karin 4-Nov-2009
51997Estimates of genetic parameters for weaning weight of beef cattle accounting for direct-maternal environmental covariancesMeyer, Karin 11-Sep-2012
62005Estimates of genetic covariance functions for growth of Angus cattleMeyer, Karin 4-Nov-2009
72001Estimates of direct and maternal genetic effects for weights from birth to 600 days of age in Nelore cattleAlbuquerque, L Galvao; Meyer, Karin 11-Sep-2012
82007A note on bias in reduced rank estimates of covariance matricesMeyer, Karin ; Kirkpatrick, Mark18-Jan-2010
92016Technical note: A successive over-relaxation preconditioner to solve mixed model equations for genetic evaluationMeyer, Karin 3-May-2017
102007WOMBAT: A tool for mixed model analyses in quantitative genetics by restricted maximum likelihood (REML)Meyer, Karin 4-Dec-2009