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12009Heritability of High Reading Ability and its Interaction with Parental EducationFriend, Angela; DeFries, John C; Keenan, Janice M; Olson, Richard K; Pennington, Bruce; Harlaar, Nicole; Byrne, Brian J ; Samuelsson, Stefan; Willcutt, Erik G; Wadsworth, Sally J; Corley, Robin25-Jul-2011
22009What's in a name? Preschoolers' noun learning performance in relation to their risk for reading disabilityGilliver, Megan L; Byrne, Brian J 25-Jul-2011
32008Do the Genetic Effects for Literacy in Early Childhood Differ Across Sex or Across the Disabled and Normal Range?Coventry, William Luya ; Byrne, Brian John ; Olson, RK; Samuelsson, S; Corley, R; Wadsworth, S; DeFries, JC6-Aug-2012
42008Response to early literacy instruction in the United States, Australia, and Scandinavia: A behavioral-genetic analysisSamuelsson, Stefan; Byrne, Brian John ; Olsen, Richard K.; Hulslander, Jacqueline; Wadsworth, Sally; Corley, Robin; Willcutt, Erik G.; DeFries, John C.9-Nov-2009
52012The Etiology of Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition in Australian School Students: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Levisen, Christina; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P; Ellis, Nick C4-Sep-2012
62013Longitudinal stability and predictors of poor oral comprehenders and poor decodersElwer, Asa; Keenan, Janice M; Olson, Richard K; Byrne, Brian J ; Samuelsson, Stefan28-Nov-2013
72005Genetic and Environmental Influences on Reading and Language Ability and DisabilityOlson, RK; Byrne, Brian John 2-Nov-2009
82012Factors affecting how children hear words and their relation to reading abilityMajoos, Keith Jeremy; Stevenson, Bruce J; Byrne, Brian J 11-Oct-2012
92006Genetic and environmental influences on prereading skills and early reading and spelling development in the United States, Australia, and ScandinanviaSamuelsson, S; Olson, RK; Wadsworth, S; Corley, R; DeFries, JC; Willcutt, E; Hulslander, J; Byrne, Brian John 1-May-2009
102008Reading Development in Children at Risk for DyslexiaByrne, Brian John ; Shankweiler, Donald P; Hine, Donald William 12-May-2010