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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Animal communicationKaplan, Gisela 19-Feb-2015
22004MimicryKaplan, Gisela 29-Oct-2009
32016Don Quixote's WindmillsKaplan, Gisela 9-May-2017
42006An Eye for a Predator: Lateralization in Birds, with Particular Reference to the Australian MagpieRogers, Lesley ; Kaplan, Gisela 2-Nov-2009
52006Social behaviourKaplan, Gisela 27-Oct-2009
62004All Animals Are Not Equal: The Interface between Scientific Knowledge and Legislation for Animal RightsRogers, Lesley ; Kaplan, Gisela 14-Oct-2009
72004The economy of freedomKaplan, Gisela 9-Jul-2009
82009Unguided vocal practice (babbling) in a songbird and Piaget's stages of pre-speech developmentKaplan, Gisela 6-Jun-2014
92003Spirit of the Wild Dog: The world of wolves, coyotes, foxes, jackals and dingoesRogers, Lesley ; Kaplan, Gisela 8-Oct-2009
102015Bird Minds: Cognition and Behaviour of Australian Native BirdsKaplan, Gisela 29-Jan-2016