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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Comment: An Aboriginal perspective on 'Closing the Gap' from the rural front lineWilson, Rhonda L 6-May-2016
22015If You Knew the End of the Story, Would you Still Want to Hear It?: The Importance of Narrative Time for Mental Health CareSaunders, Vicki; Sherwood, Juanita; Usher, Kim 6-May-2016
32015Developing a student-led community health and wellbeing clinic in an under-served community: collaborative learning, health outcomes and cost savingsStuhlmiller, Cynthia ; Tolchard, Barry 2-Jul-2015
42016Closing the Gap: the need to consider perceptions about drinking water in rural Aboriginal communities in NSW, AustraliaJaravani, Fidelis G; Massey, Peter D ; Judd, Jenni; Allan, Jason; Allan, Natalie12-Apr-2017
52016Closing the gap in Australian Aboriginal infant immunisation rates - the development and review of a pre-call strategyCashman, Patrick M; Allan, Natalie A; Clark, Katrina K; Butler, Michelle T; Massey, Peter D ; Durrheim, David N12-Apr-2017
62012Translation of tobacco policy into practice in disadvantaged and marginalized subpopulations: a study of challenges and opportunities in remote Australian Indigenous communitiesRobertson, Jan A; Conigrave, Katherine M; Ivers, Rowena; Usher, Kim ; Clough, Alan R30-Apr-2014
72015Communicable diseases in rural and remote Australia: the need for improved understanding and actionQuinn, E K; Massey, Peter D ; Speare, R4-May-2017
82015Using a participatory action research framework to listen to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia about pandemic influenzaMiller, A; Massey, Peter D ; Judd, J; Kelly, J; Durrhein, D N; Clough, A R; Speare, R; Saggers, S4-May-2017
92015Uptake of influenza vaccination in pregnancy amongst Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women: a mixed-methods pilot studyO'Grady, Kerry-Ann F; Dunbar, Melissa; Medlin, Linda G; Hall, Kerry K; Toombs, Maree; Meiklejohn, Judith; McHugh, Lisa; Massey, Peter D ; Creighton, Amy; Andrews, Ross M4-May-2017
102012"Makes you proud to be black eh?": Reflections on meaningful Indigenous research participationKelly, Jenny; Saggers, Sherry; Reilly, Susan; Ahboo, Shayne; Taylor, Kylie; Pearce, Glenn; Massey, Peter D ; Bull, Jennifer; Odo, Travis; Thomas, John; Billycan, Rosita; Judd, Jenni9-May-2017