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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Pertussis vaccination in Child Care Workers: room for improvement in coverage, policy and practiceHope, Kirsty; Butler, Michelle; Massey, Peter D ; Cashman, Patrick; Durrheim, David N; Stephenson, Jody; Worley, April17-Mar-2014
22016Closing the gap in Australian Aboriginal infant immunisation rates - the development and review of a pre-call strategyCashman, Patrick M; Allan, Natalie A; Clark, Katrina K; Butler, Michelle T; Massey, Peter D ; Durrheim, David N12-Apr-2017
32014Understanding human - bat interactions in NSW, Australia: improving risk communication for prevention of Australian bat lyssavirusQuinn, Emma K; Massey, Peter D ; Cox-Witton, Keren; Paterson, Beverley J; Eastwood, Keith; Durrheim, David N4-May-2017
42013Local level epidemiological analysis of TB in people from a high incidence country of birthMassey, Peter D ; Durrheim, David N; Stephens, Nicola; Christensen, Amanda9-May-2017
52013Potential for the Australian and New Zealand paediatric intensive care registry to enhance acute flaccid paralysis surveillance in Australia: a data-linkage studyHobday, Linda K; Thorley, Bruce R; Alexander, Janet; Aitken, Thomas; Massey, Peter D ; Cretikos, Michelle; Slater, Anthony; Durrheim, David N8-May-2017
62011Ten Years On: Highlights and Challenges of Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course as the Recommended TB Control Strategy in Four Pacific Island NationsMassey, Peter D ; Viney, Kerri; Kienene, Takeieta; Tagaro, Markleen; Itogo, Noel; Ituaso-Conway, Nese; Durrheim, David N10-May-2017
72011Invasive pneumococcal disease in New South Wales, Australia: reporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status improves epidemiologyMassey, Peter D ; Todd, Kerry; Osbourne, Maggi; Taylor, Kylie; Durrheim, David N10-May-2017
82011Meeting measles elimination indicators: surveillance performance in a regional area of AustraliaKohlhagen, Julie K; Massey, Peter D ; Durrheim, David N10-May-2017