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12016Are You On Board the 'Change Train'? Principal Perceptions of Investing in Educational SuccessSmardon, Dianne; Charteris, Jennifer 4-Jul-2016
22016Knocking Down Walls and Buying New Furniture? What are Innovative Learning Environments in NZ schools really about?Smardon, Dianne; Charteris, Jennifer 4-Jul-2016
32016Feminist Medusas and outback Minotaurs: why myth is big in children's booksHale, Elizabeth 4-Jul-2016
42009A sex attractant of the rough bollworm, 'Earias huegeliana' (Gaede) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)Lowor, S T; Del Socorro, A P ; Gregg, Peter 6-Nov-2017
52015Marvellous Matilda: the child on stageHale, Elizabeth 10-Aug-2016
62015Divestment as a powerful tacticBranagan, Marty 8-Dec-2015
72017Guide to the Classics: Neil Gaiman's American GodsHale, Elizabeth 31-May-2017
823-Jan-2019Why are professional and ethical standards so important for universities?Page, James 3-Apr-2019
97-Dec-2018Perth’s brief abalone season is a time of delicacies and dangerRyan, John C ; Chen, Li3-Apr-2019
1019-Apr-2018Why treehouses are all the rage in children's booksHale, Elizabeth ; Lounsbury, Lynnette3-Apr-2019