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12014Understanding human - bat interactions in NSW, Australia: improving risk communication for prevention of Australian bat lyssavirusQuinn, Emma K; Massey, Peter D ; Cox-Witton, Keren; Paterson, Beverley J; Eastwood, Keith; Durrheim, David N4-May-2017
22011Preventing Q fever endocarditis: a review of cardiac assessment in hospitalised Q fever patientsHess, I M; Massey, Peter D ; Durrheim, D N; O'Connor, S; Graves, S R9-May-2017
32015Mental health issues from rising sea level in a remote coastal region of the Solomon Islands: current and futureAsugeni, James; MacLaren, David; Massey, Peter D ; Speare, Rick26-Apr-2017
42015Prevalence of soil-transmitted helminths in remote villages in East Kwaio, Solomon IslandsHarrington, Humpress; Bradbury, Richard; Esau, Dorothy; Flores, Angelica; Ribeyro, Elmer; Liku, Daisy; Muse, Alwin; Asugeni, Lyndel; Talana, Jeptha; Shield, Jennifer; MacLaren, David; Massey, Peter D ; Taeka, James; Muller, Reinhold; Speare, Rick; Asugeni, James; Asugeni, Vunivesi; Igeni, Tony; Gwala, John; Newton, Lawrence; Fa'anuabae, Chillion Evan; Kilivisi, Fawcett Laurence4-May-2017
52011Blood, guts and knife cuts: reducing the risk of swine brucellosis in feral pig hunters in north-west New South Wales, AustraliaMassey, Peter D ; Polkinghorne, B; Durrheim, D N; Lower, T; Speare, R9-May-2017
62012TB questions, East Kwaio answers: community-based participatory research in a remote area of Solomon IslandsMassey, Peter D ; Wakageni, J; Speare, R; Kekeubata, E; Maena'adi, J; Waneagea, J; Fangaria, G; Jimuru, C; Houaimane, M; Talana, J; MacLaren, D9-May-2017
72015Willingness to Consult a Veterinarian on Physician's Advice for Zoonotic Diseases: A Formal Role for Veterinarians in Medicine?Speare, Rick; Mendez, Diana; Judd, Jenni; Reid, Simon; Tzipori, Saul; Massey, Peter D 4-May-2017
82016Closing the Gap: the need to consider perceptions about drinking water in rural Aboriginal communities in NSW, AustraliaJaravani, Fidelis G; Massey, Peter D ; Judd, Jenni; Allan, Jason; Allan, Natalie12-Apr-2017
92015Measles outbreak investigation in a remote area of Solomon Islands, 2014Diau, Jason; Jimuru, Christopher; Asugeni, James; Asugeni, Lyndell; Puia, Mike; Maomatekwa, John; Harrington, Humpress; MacLaren, David; Speare, Rick; Massey, Peter D 4-May-2017
102014A marked decline in the incidence of malaria in a remote region of Malaita, Solomon Islands, 2008 to 2013Oloifana-Polosovai, Hellen; Gwala, John; Harrington, Humpress; Massey, Peter D ; Ribeyro, Elmer; Flores, Angelica; Speare, Christopher; McBride, Edwin; MacLaren, David; Speare, Rick4-May-2017