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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016IntroductionPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
22016The Boy's Sheer Poetry: Alan HopgoodPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
32016Tony Sheldon: Child of the Theatre, Broadway StarPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
42016'Strong Actor': Nick TatePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
52016Wendy Blacklock and the Transformation of Australian TheatrePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
62016I am a Camera: Julia BlakePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
72016Mr John Clarke: New Zealand BoyPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
82016Strindberg for Breakfast: Elspeth BallantynePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
92016The Art of the Theatre: Helmut BakaitisPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
102016Max's Method: Max CullenPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017