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1012008Modelling feeding behaviour, rate of feed passage and daily feeding cycles, as possible causes of fatigued pigsLewis, Craig; McGlone, J J14-May-2010
1022008Novelty causes elevated heart rate and immune changes in pigs exposed to handling, alleys, and rampsLewis, Craig; Hulbert, L E; McGlone, J J14-May-2010
1032008Genetic relationships between composition of pork bellies and performance, carcase and meat quality traitsHermesch, Susanne 25-Nov-2009
1042008Der Effekt von DGAT1-Genvarianten in Deutschen Holstein-Kuhen unter ProduktionsbedingungenRahmatalla, Siham; Muller, Uwe; Strucken, Eva ; Brockmann, Gudrun A7-May-2018
1052008Designing complex research projects to estimate genetic parameters plus treatment and other effects - Optimising the experimental designRobinson, Dorothy 26-Mar-2018
1062008Biphasic survival analysis of trypanotolerance QTL in miceKoudand√©, O D; Thomson, P C; Bovenhuis, H; Iraqi, F; Gibson, John Paul ; van Arendonk, Johannus Antonius9-Dec-2009
1072008Sustainable use and genetic improvementNimbkar, Chanda; Gibson, John Paul ; Okeyo, M; Boettcher, P; Soelkner, J30-Mar-2010
1082008Neglecting genotype x environment interaction results in biased predictions from selection index calculationsDominik, Sonja ; Kinghorn, Brian 9-Dec-2009
1092008Effects of the absence of protozoa from birth or from weaning on the growth and methane production of lambsHegarty, Roger ; Bird, Simon H; Vanselow, Barbara ; Woodgate, R9-Dec-2011
1102008Days to calving in artificially inseminated cattle: Alternative models and analysesRobinson, Dorothy L 9-May-2018