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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Genetic perspectives on host responses to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)Lewis, Craig; Ait-Ali, T; Clapperton, M; Archibald, A L; Bishop, S C14-May-2010
22007Moving finishing pigs in different group sizes: Cardiovascular responses, time, and ease of handlingLewis, Craig; McGlone, J J14-May-2010
32007Myofibre characteristics of ovine 'longissimus' and 'semitendinosus' muscles are influenced by sire breed, gender, rearing type, age and carcass weightGreenwood, Paul; Harden, S; Hopkins, DL14-Dec-2011
42007Days to calving in artificially inseminated beef cows: Comparison of potential traitsRobinson, Dorothy 28-Mar-2018
52007Impact of genotype and fetal and pre-weaning growth on steroidogenic capacity of the adult bovine adrenalCoulter, C L; Greenwood, Paul; Dunn, S L; Salkeld, M D9-Oct-2014
62007Unravelling the complex interactions between genetics, animal age and nutrition as they impact on tissue deposition, muscle characteristics and quality of Australian sheep meatWarner, RD; Pethick, David W; Greenwood, Paul; Ponnampalam, EN; Banks, Robert ; Hopkins, DL14-Dec-2011
72007Inclusion of skin follicle traits in selection indices in breeding programs improves genetic gain in Australian fine-wool MerinosFozi, M Asadi; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Swan, Andrew 26-May-2010
82007Optimal use of on-farm fibre diameter measurement and its impact on reproduction in commercial Merino flocksKelly, M J; Swan, Andrew ; Atkins, K D26-May-2010