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12005Understanding bovine trypanosomiasis and trypanotolerance: the promise of functional genomicsHill, Emmeline W; O'Gorman, Grace M; Agaba, Morris; Gibson, John Paul ; Hanotte, Olivier; Kemp, Stephen J; Naessens, Jan; Coussens, Paul M; MacHugh, David E10-Nov-2009
22005Accounting for bias in regression coefficients with example from feed efficiencyRobinson, Dorothy L 3-Nov-2009
32005Accounting for bias in regression coefficients with example from feed efficiencyRobinson, Dorothy 26-Mar-2018
42005Assessing the accuracy of modelling weight gain of cattle using feed efficiency dataRobinson, Dorothy L 4-Nov-2009
52005Use of molecular markers to enhance resistance of livestock to disease: a global approachGibson, John Paul ; Bishop, SC9-Nov-2009
62005Can Codon Usage Bias Explain Intron Phase Distributions and Exon Symmentry?Ruvinsky, A; Eskesen, ST; Eskesen, FN; Hurst, LD6-May-2008
72005Calpain 3/p94 is not involved in postmortem proteolysisGeesink, Geert ; Taylor, R G; Koohmaraie, M13-Dec-2011
82005Estimates of covariance functions for growth of Nelcore cattle applying a parametric correlation structure to model within-animal correlationsAlbuquerque, LG; Meyer, Karin 4-Nov-2009
92005Estimates of genetic covariance functions for growth of Angus cattleMeyer, Karin 4-Nov-2009
102005The Heritability of the Expression of Two Stress-Regulated Gene Fragments in PigsKerr, CA; Bunter, Kim L ; Seymour, R; Shen, B; Reverter, A7-Aug-2008