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12016The Reliability of Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and In-Season Changes in Physical Function and Performance Among Elite Rugby League PlayersWaldron, Mark ; Gray, Adrian ; Worsfold, Paul; Twist, Craig5-Jul-2016
22005Computational studies of the properties of phenyloxenium ions: A comparison with phenylnitrenium and phenylcarbenium ionsGlover, Stephen ; Novak, M1-May-2009
32016The effect of resistance training on clinical outcomes in heart failure: A systematic review and meta-analysisJewiss, Daniel; Ostman, Cecilia; Smart, Neil 11-Aug-2016
42009Malfunction in GABA and Glutamate as Pathways to Depression: A Review of the EvidenceSharpley, Christopher 9-Apr-2010
52004On the profile of solutions for an elliptic problem arising in nonlinear opticsCao, Daomin; Noussair, Ezzat S; Yan, Shusen 19-Apr-2010
62006A new type of concentration solutions for a singularly perturbed elliptic problemDancer, Edward Norman; Yan, Shusen 19-Apr-2010
72016Acceptance of novel food by horses: The influence of food cues and nutrient compositionVan Den Berg, Mariette ; Giagos, Vasileios; Lee, Caroline ; Brown, Wendy ; Hinch, Geoffrey 12-Dec-2016
82017ASKBILL as a web-based program to enhance sheep well-being and productivityKahn, Lewis ; Johnson, Ian ; Rowe, James B ; Hogan, L ; Boshoff, Johan31-Jan-2018
92007Student proof exercises using MathsTiles and isabelle/HOL in an intelligent bookBillingsley, William ; Robinson, Peter24-Jan-2018
102017Effect of Overnight Fasted Exercise on Weight Loss and Body Composition: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisHackett, Daniel; Hagstrom, Amanda 25-Apr-2018