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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004A right old messLunney, Mark 20-May-2009
22010If You Teach It, Will They Come? Law Students, Class Attendance and Student EngagementCorbin, Lillian ; Burns, Kylie; Chrzanowski, April23-Jul-2013
32009Adding Value For Lawyers, Clients, and the Public: The Business Benefits of Ethically-Informed PracticeCarter, Justin; Corbin, Lillian 23-Jul-2013
4Mar-2014Why China Should Regulate Its Overseas Investors’ Environmental BehaviorRadavoi, Ciprian N ; Bian, Yongmin12-Apr-2019
52004Goodbye Hello! Drawing a line for the paparazzi: Douglas v Hello! Ltd (NO 3) [2003] 3 ALL ER 996, EWHC 2629 (CH)Collins, C18-Jul-2008
630-Jun-2007Truth or Justice? Double Jeopardy Reform for Queensland: Rights in JeopardyEdgely, Michelle 7-Jun-2019
72007The bioethics and law paradox: An argument to maintain separateness with a hint of togethernessWerren, Julia Catherine 25-May-2009
82005Stress At Work: To Tell or Not to Tell?Lunney, Mark 20-May-2009
92009White v Director of Military Prosecutions [2007] HCA 29: Could Section 68 Be a Better Source of Constitutional Authority for Military Judicial Power than Section 51(vi)?Moore, Cameron 19-Dec-2011
102004A Right Old Mess: Rees v Darlington Health Authority [2003] 3 WLR 1091Lunney, Mark 16-Dec-2008