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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004The Relative position of employees in the corporate governance context: An international comparisonClarke, Andrew David1-May-2009
22003The nature of teachers' qualitative judgements: A matter of context and salience. Part Two: Out-of-context judgementsCastleton, G; Wyatt-Smith, C; Cooksey, Ray Wagner ; Freebody, P1-May-2009
32005Suetonius and his treatment of the Emperor Domitian's Favourable AccomplishmentsAdams, Geoffery1-May-2009
42005Computational studies of the properties of phenyloxenium ions: A comparison with phenylnitrenium and phenylcarbenium ionsGlover, Stephen ; Novak, M1-May-2009
52005The proposal of a Stage One reading-groups timetable that integrates major comprehension componentsAllen, Suzanne Vicki1-May-2009
62004The Dark Side of Gemeinschaft: Criminality within rural communitiesBarclay, E ; Donnermeyer, JF; Jobes, PC5-May-2008
72005Bioavailability of Echinacea Constituents: Caco-2 Monolayers and Pharmacokinetics and the Alkylamides and Caffeic Acid ConjugatesMatthias, M; Penman, K; Matovic, N; Bone, Kerry; De Voss, J; Lehmann, R1-May-2009
82003Palaeobiogeographic implications of Middle Permian brachiopods from Johore (Peninsular Malaysia)Sone, Masatoshi; Metcalfe, Ian ; Leman, Mohd Shafeea1-May-2009
92003The nature of teachers' qualitative judgements: A matter of context and salience. Part One: 'In-context' judgementWyatt-Smith, C; Castleton, G; Freebody, P; Cooksey, Ray Wagner 1-May-2009
102005The Tortoise and the HareBiron, Dean Leonard1-May-2009