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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11991Acetate clearance rate as a potential index of the availability of glucogenic precursors in ruminants fed on roughage-based dietsCronje, PB; Nolan, John V ; Leng, Ronald2-Aug-2017
21994The effects of protozoa and of supplementation with nitrogen and sulfur on digestion and microbial metabolism in the rumen of sheepHegarty, Roger ; Nolan, John V ; Leng, R15-Jun-2018
31999Effect of intra-ruminal urea infusions and changing digestible organic intake on nitrogen kinetics in sheep fed rice strawHettiarachchi, M; Dixon, R M; Nolan, John V 15-Jun-2018
41994Food Aversion Conditioned in Anesthetized SheepProvenza, Frederick D; Lynch, Justin J; Nolan, John V 22-Jun-2018
51996Natural Variability and Diurnal Fluctuations within the Bacteriophage Population of the RumenSwain, Rosalind A; Nolan, John V ; Klieve, Athol V26-Jun-2018
61993Glucose Metabolism in a Kangaroo (Macropus Robustus Erubescens) and a Similar Size Eutherian Herbivore, the Feral GoatFreudenberger, David O; Nolan, John V 26-Jun-2018
71995Effects of Weaning, Supplementation and Gender on Acquired Immunity to Haemonchus contortus in LambsShaw, K L; Nolan, John V ; Lynch, J J; Coverdale, O R; Gill, H S22-Jun-2018
81993Protein Turnover in Two Kangaroo Sub-Species (Macropus Robustus Robustus and M. r. Erubescens) from Divergent Habitats and the Sympatric Feral Goat (Capra Hircus)Freudenberger, David O; Nolan, John V 26-Jun-2018
91995Food intake, nutrient utilization and water turnover in the lesser mouse-deer (Tragulus javanicus) given lundai (Sapium baccatum)Nolan, John V ; Liang, J B; Abdullah, N; Kudo, H; Ismail, H; Ho, Y W; Jalaludin, S22-Jun-2018
101995The Effect of Nitrogen and Protein Supplementation on Feed Intake, Growth and Digestive Function of Steers with Different Bos indicus, Bos taurus Genotypes when Fed a Low Quality Grass HayHennessy, D W; Kohun, P J; Williamson, P J; Brown, Daniel ; Nolan, John V 22-Jun-2018