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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Design of Symmetric Bi-orthogonal Double Density Wavelet Filter BanksJayawardena, Ashoka 4-Feb-2010
22004IOP: The InterOperability Platform & IMaude: An Interactive Extension of MaudeMason, Ian Alistair; Talcott, Carolyn L4-Feb-2010
32011New Directions for Educational Welfare in Rural Schools: Symposium ProceedingsChoi, Joon Yul; Lyons, Terence 3-Apr-2012
42007Molecular dynamics simulations of antifreeze proteins at a lipid/water interfaceSmith, Erica ; Dalal, Pranav; Madura, Jeffry D; Haymet, Anthony D J13-Aug-2014
52003Design of Double Density Wavelet Filter BanksJayawardena, Ashoka 8-Feb-2010
62002Free Energy of Solute Transfer at the Ice/Water InterfaceSmith, Erica ; Bryk, Taras; Haymet, Anthony D J12-Aug-2014
72001Differential solvation free energies across the ice-water interface: Simple solutes and the SPC/E model of waterGay, Shawn C; Smith, Erica ; Basak, Tanmay; Haymet, Anthony D J12-Aug-2014
82002Generations of JourneysWilton, Janis 7-Aug-2008
920033-Band Linear Phase Bi-orthogonal Wavelet Filter BanksJayawardena, Ashoka 16-Feb-2010
102004Targeting assistance in a resource-dependent regionPowell, R; McNeill, J ; Stayner, R 7-Aug-2008