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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Aborigines and CitizensJordan, Matthew Brian4-May-2009
22004The Middle of LucanTesoriero, Charles Anthony 4-May-2009
32006Post-conflict peacebuilding: Who determines the peace?Spence, Rebecca6-May-2009
42004Post-development theory and comparative educationMakuwira, Jonathan; Ninnes, Peter Martin4-May-2009
52006PoliticsBongiorno, Francis Robert6-May-2009
62006A tale of two independentsBongiorno, Francis Robert7-May-2009
72006New EnglandMessner, Andrew Charles ; Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
82006James Squire Farnell: (18.12.1877 - 20.12.1878)Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
92008Labor Policy in ThailandBrown, Andrew John17-Feb-2010
102003China in the International Human Rights RegimeYoung, GG; Yingjie, GUO20-Jun-2008