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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016A Review of Livestock Predation by Large Carnivores in the Himalayan Kingdom of BhutanRajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl A ; Sangay, Tiger14-Jul-2016
22016Longwood Range Platinum, SouthlandCraw, Dave; MacKenzie, Doug; Ashley, Paul 22-Feb-2017
32016High Altitude Wetlands of NepalKumar, Lalit ; Lamsal, Pramod14-Feb-2017
42016Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Haemonchus contortus in Small RuminantsBesier, R B; Kahn, Lewis ; Sargison, N D; Van Wyk, J A2-Feb-2018
52016The Pathophysiology, Ecology and Epidemiology of Haemonchus contortus Infection in Small RuminantsBesier, R B; Kahn, Lewis ; Sargison, N D; Van Wyk, J A2-Feb-2018
62016Inoculant production and quality controlDeaker, R; Hartley, E; Gemell, G; Herridge, David ; Karanja, N11-Feb-2017
72016The legume-rhizobia symbiosis and assessing the need to inoculateGiller, K E; Herridge, David ; Sprent, J I11-Feb-2017
82016Challenges for Organic Agriculture in Australia: Getting a 'Fair Go'Bernzen, Amelie; Kristiansen, Paul 6-Jul-2017
92016Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation on Smallholder Farms Through Farmers' Collective Led On-Farm Adaptive Research: The SAF-BIN ProjectRoschinsky, Romana ; Simon, Sunil; Choudhury, Pranab Ranjan; Baroi, Augustine; Malla, Manindra; Costa, Sukleash George; Pankaj, Valentine Denis; Manandhar, Chintan; Aichinger, Manfred; Wurzinger, Maria5-Sep-2017
102016The Role of Population Genetic Structure in Understanding and Managing Pine BeetlesJanes, Jasmine ; Batista, P D17-May-2018