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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Sensory Ecology in Soil SpaceYoung, Iain ; Grinev, Dmitry23-Jan-2012
22011What 'community' means for farmer adoption of conservation practicesMarshall, Graham R 23-Jan-2012
32011Hibernation: EndothermsGeiser, Fritz 7-Feb-2012
42011The glacial succession of Sturtian age in South Australia: the Yudnamutana SubgroupPreiss, Wolfgang V; Gostin, Victor A; McKirdy, David M; Ashley, Paul ; Williams, George E; Schmidt, Philip W14-May-2012
52011Tillage and Crop Stubble Management and Soil Health in a Changing ClimateMurphy, Brian W; Packer, Ian J; Cowie, Annette ; Singh, Bhupinder Pal 15-Apr-2013
62011A Contemporary View of Population Genetics in EvolutionMagalhaes, Joao Carlos M; Gondro, Cedric 1-May-2013
72011Implications for the Feed IndustryIji, Paul ; Barekatain, Mohammad Reza 7-Jun-2013
82011Bioenergy Systems, Soil Health and Climate ChangeGeorge, Brendan ; Cowie, Annette 28-Oct-2011
92011Palaeozoic-Mesozoic history of SE AsiaMetcalfe, Ian 31-Oct-2011
102011Case study 5: A profitable forage-based beef industry for the red soils region of ChinaHunter, Bob; Robertson, Bevan; Nolan, John V ; MacLeod, Neil; Jones, Dick19-Mar-2012