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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Island FormationNunn, Patrick 8-Sep-2011
22007Echoes from a distance: research into the Lapita occupation of the Rove Peninsula, southwest Viti Levu, FijiNunn, Patrick 8-Sep-2011
32006Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture: impressions of a Pacific geographerNunn, Patrick 9-Sep-2011
42006Island Origins and EnvironmentsNunn, Patrick 6-Sep-2011
52009Oceanic IslandsNunn, Patrick 8-Sep-2011
62007Promoting Sustainability on Vulnerable Island Coasts: A Case Study Smaller Pacific IslandsNunn, Patrick ; Mimura, Nobuo19-Dec-2011
72007Managing the present and the future of smaller islandsNunn, Patrick 19-Dec-2011
82006Human Responses To Coastal Change in the Asia-Pacific RegionNunn, Patrick ; Keally, Charles; King, Caroline; Wijaya, Jaya; Cruz, Renato28-Nov-2011
92006Coastal Evolution in the Asia-Pacific RegionNunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Roselyn28-Nov-2011
102007Geological histories and geohazard potential of Pacific Islands illuminated by mythsNunn, Patrick ; Pastorizo, Ronna13-Jan-2012