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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Kurtoep and TibetanDelancey, Scott 8-Jan-2015
22011Le PénutiaDelancey, Scott 27-Jan-2015
32011Le KlamathDelancey, Scott 27-Jan-2015
42015Adjectival constructions in Bodo and Tibeto-BurmanDeLancey, Scott 3-Jan-2018
52011Finite structures from clausal nominalization in Tibeto-Burman languagesDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014
62013Verb agreement suffixes in Mizo-Kuki-ChinDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014
72011Grammaticalization and syntax: a functional viewDelancey, Scott 17-Nov-2014
82011Nocte and Jinghpaw: Morphological CorrespondencesDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014
92012On the Origins of Bodo-GaroDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014
102014Creolization in the Divergence of Tibeto-Burman LanguagesDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014