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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Chapter 7: ICT and general capabilities in the Australian CurriculumMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
22015Chapter 5: PedagogyMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
32011Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education in Teacher EducationCooper, Beverley; Taylor, Neil 4-Jun-2012
42017Social determinants of health and wellbeingSims, Margaret 29-Jun-2018
52013Social Class and Australian SchoolingMcQueen, Kelvin 17-Aug-2015
612-Jul-2018Composing Informative Multimodal TextsChan, Eveline 8-Mar-2019
72010Theory and Research into Practice: Educational NeuroscienceGeake, John 1-Jun-2011
82009Children's LearningLittledyke, Rosalind 31-Aug-2010
92003Food as shared living-and-learningMcCrea, NL 5-Aug-2008
102012Answering your significant research questions with the aid of a research matrixMaxwell, Thomas W ; Smyth, Robyn 19-Jun-2012