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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014MomentMcDonald, William 6-Jan-2015
22009Søren KierkegaardMcDonald, William 16-Apr-2010
32014FaithMcDonald, William 19-Jun-2014
41989Translator's IntroductionMcDonald, William 20-Jun-2014
51997Retracing the Circular Ruins of Hegel's 'Encyclopedia'McDonald, William 25-Jun-2014
62013The Higher Madness of Kierkegaards Inverse DialecticMcDonald, William 5-May-2014
72014DespairMcDonald, William 29-Apr-2014
82014DemonicMcDonald, William 29-Apr-2014
92013AnxietyMcDonald, William 29-Apr-2014
102015Understanding/ComprehensionBrake, Matthew; McDonald, William 3-Sep-2015