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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Regional Economic Governments: States, Markets and DIYSorensen, Anthony 24-Sep-2008
22005Legitimation and TrustArcher, JR25-Sep-2008
32002Sit right down the back: Serialized posture verbs in Ngan'gityemerri and other Northern Australian languagesReid, NJ 30-Jul-2008
42011Sex DeterminationDawson, Charlotte; Ross, Duncan; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
52000Heavenly Verses, Hallowed Volumes: A Belated Change in DirectionGilbert, Lionel26-Jul-2012
62006Bond and Phenomenology: Shaken, Not StirredGibson, S 30-Sep-2008
72005Australian Commonwealth Domestic Environmental Legislation: Annex BTsamenyi, M; Kaye, S; Rose, G; Snushall, B; Moore, C ; Mfodwo, K; Munoz, L30-Sep-2008
82000John Lang's "First" NovelCrittenden, Victor26-Jul-2012
92000The Ordering of My BooksRyan, John S 26-Jul-2012
102011The Severability of Trade Marks and Goodwill under Australian Law: A Franchise in DisguiseForrest, Heather19-Jul-2012