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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Plant RemainsBeck, Wendy Elizabeth 7-May-2009
22008Pidgins/Creoles and Second Language AcquisitionSiegel, Jeff 18-May-2010
32006Seeing Red: Musings on Rock ArtRoss, June 4-May-2009
42002Pidgins and CreolesSiegel, Jeff 19-May-2010
52006The Archaeology of the New PeoplesWatson, Pamela 4-May-2009
62008Hawai'i Creole: Morphology and SyntaxSakoda, Kent; Siegel, Jeff 19-May-2010
72008Hawai'i Creole: PhonologySakoda, Kent; Siegel, Jeff 19-May-2010
82010Intermediate Distance Learners of Chinese Look Back: A Survey StudyTasker, Isabel 22-Jul-2016
92011Integrating Visual and Verbal Meaning in Multimodal Text Comprehension: Towards a Model of Intermodal RelationsChan, Eveline 28-Oct-2011
102010English influence on the pronunciation of re-awakened Aboriginal languagesReid, Nicholas John 19-Dec-2011