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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011The Dialectic of Moods, Emotions, and Spirit in Kierkegaard and Mādhyamika BuddhismMcDonald, William 
22013The Higher Madness of Kierkegaards Inverse DialecticMcDonald, William 
32013Kierkegaard and RomanticismMcDonald, William 
42011Recent Developments in Scholarship on Key Existentialists: KierkegaardMcDonald, William 
51989Translator's IntroductionMcDonald, William 
61997Retracing the Circular Ruins of Hegel's 'Encyclopedia'McDonald, William 
72015Philosophy/PhilosophersMcDonald, William 
82014DemonicMcDonald, William 
92014DespairMcDonald, William 
102013Aesthetic/AestheticsMcDonald, William