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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11987Protein-Energy Interrelationships in Productive RuminantsThrockmorton, John Cardar; Leng, Ronald3-Nov-2015
21985A Tale of Two Towns: Policy and action in the Bathurst-Orange growth centres: A case of perceptions, politics and power in centrally commanded regional policy planningSproats, Kevin William; Cooper, Malcolm; Sorensen, Anthony 22-Feb-2013
31989Sources in the Work of Ted HughesSkea, Ann; Gunther, Geoff; Hoddinott, Alison22-Feb-2013
41985Studies on the Flows of Propionate Carbon to Glucose in SheepCridland, Shane William; Leng, Ronald22-Feb-2013
51987Genetic Relationships Between Male and Female Reproductive TraitsPurvis, Ian William; Edey, Terry N; Piper, Laurie R; Bindon, Bernie10-Nov-2015
61986Farm Planning: A Business Management PerspectiveWright, Victor Edward; Musgrave, Warren20-Nov-2015
71984Individual Differences in the Physiological Detection of DeceptionHorneman, Christopher John; O'Gorman, J G11-Apr-2013
81985Nesting Behaviour and Nest Site Selection of the Domestic HenKite, Vivien Gai; Wodzicka-Tomaszewska, Manika; Cumming, R B11-Apr-2013
91985Effects of High Temperature on Growth Performance of PigsVajrabukka, Chanvit; Farrell, D J; Thwaites, C J11-Apr-2013
101985Student Teacher Role Expectations: An Exploratory Study of the Impress of Lecturers and Teachers on Student Teachers' Role ConceptionsSinclair, Ronald Albert; Garner, John; Holt, Ron11-Apr-2013