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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Considering the role of curriculum integration towards inclusive educationNikolaraizi, Magda; Mavropoulou, Sofia4-Dec-2014
22011Exploring the Pedagogy Associated with Transformational Learning in the Initial Teacher Education ContextHathaway, Tanya ; Rush, Linda20-Jul-2012
31995An Investigation of Understanding of the Self and the Other in High-Functioning Autism/Asperger's SyndromeMavropoulou, Sofia11-Jun-2015
42007Siblings of persons in the spectrum of autism: Exploring their concerns and supporting their needsMavropoulou, Sofia; Baloyianni, Niki25-Jun-2015
52006Exploring the effects of computer-based social stories on the social understanding of persons with autism spectrum disorders: Τhree case studiesMavropoulou, Sofia; Kermelidou, Vasiliki; Margariti, Georgia; Marnelaki, Marina25-Jun-2015
62007Επιτυχημένες εκπαιδευτικές πρακτικές για παιδιά στο φάσμα του αυτισμούMavropoulou, Sofia6-Nov-2015
72011Health Education and a Nutritional Symbol System: The Nexus of Knowledge and Behaviour for School-Aged ChildrenMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Pennington, Jim19-Mar-2012
82011Profiles of Late Career Female Leadership in Australian Rural SchoolsMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Al-Awiwe, Azhar Ahmed19-Mar-2012
92000Ικανότητα χειρισμού προβλημάτων συμπεριφοράς στο σχολείο και ανάγκες εξειδίκευσης εκπαιδευτικώνMavropoulou, Sofia; Padeliadu, Susana3-Nov-2015
102006Αξιολόγηση παιδιών με αυτισμό και υψηλή λειτουργικότητα στην προσχολική και πρώτη σχολική εκπαίδευσηMavropoulou, Sofia17-Nov-2015