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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Antecedents to Continued Usage of Internet Banking: Empirical Evidence from Australian ConsumersAdapa, Sujana 13-Aug-2014
22006Assessing the Antecedents of Service Recovery Evaluation and their Impact on Repurchase BehaviourValenzuela, F ; Rojas, J; Rindfleish, JM ; Pearson, DH; Epworth, RJ 7-Aug-2008
32006The Complaint Process in the Banking IndustryValenzuela, Fredy 24-Feb-2010
42006Relationship of Attachments and Resignation with Service Recovery EvaluationValenzuela, Fredy ; Rindfleish, Jennifer May 24-Feb-2010
52010Consumers' Characteristics and Preferences in the Australian Beef MarketMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy12-Sep-2013
62008Do Switching Barriers Influence Service Recovery Evaluation: The Case of the Chilean Retail Banking IndustryValenzuela, Fredy ; Rindfleish, Jennifer May 6-Apr-2010
72008Factors Hindering the Heritage Destination Promotion in Malaysian ContextAdapa, Sujana 20-Apr-2010
82007Adoption of Internet Purchase of Products and Services by Indian Women Residing GloballyAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer May 20-Apr-2010
92010Identification of the Factor Components Influencing the Continued Use of Internet Banking By Australian ConsumersAdapa, Sujana 6-Jun-2011
102010Macro and Micro Thematic Categories Hindering Customer Adoption of Internet Banking in Australian ContextAdapa, Sujana 6-Jun-2011