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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Intercultural sensitivity training toolkit: Augmenting academic engagement patternsAdapa, Sujana ; Hathaway, Tanya 23-Jun-2016
22008Factors Hindering the Heritage Destination Promotion in Malaysian ContextAdapa, Sujana 20-Apr-2010
32007Adoption of Internet Purchase of Products and Services by Indian Women Residing GloballyAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer May 20-Apr-2010
42008Customer Perceived Value of Internet Banking in Australian Context: A Conceptual Model DevelopmentAdapa, Sujana 20-Apr-2010
52013Exploring the importance of personal selling skills to practicing accountants in regional SMEs in North-West, NSW, AustraliaRindfleish, Jennifer M ; Adapa, Sujana 29-Jul-2014
62010Antecedents to Continued Usage of Internet Banking: Empirical Evidence from Australian ConsumersAdapa, Sujana 13-Aug-2014
72009Dimensions Affecting Consumers' Continued Usage and Frequency of Usage of Internet Banking: Empirical Evidence from AustraliaAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M ; Cooksey, Ray W ; Valenzuela, Fredy 1-Feb-2013
82008Antecedents to Adoption of Global Brands: Empirical Evidence from India and MalaysiaAdapa, Sujana 22-Oct-2012
92011Corporate Social Responsibility Activities: Similarities and Differences between Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M 14-May-2012
102011The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Sized Regional Accountancy FirmsAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M 14-May-2012