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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003A Simple Method to Detect a Single Gene that Determines a Categorical Trait with Incomplete PenetranceKinghorn, B 29-Sep-2008
22013Effect of genotype and pedigree error on detection of recombination events, sire imputation and haplotype inference using the HSPhase algorithmFerdosi, Mohammad; Kinghorn, Brian ; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Gondro, Cedric 6-Mar-2014
32013Comparisons of Identical by State and Identical by Descent Relationship Matrices Derived from SNP Markers in Genomic EvaluationClark, Sam A ; Kinghorn, Brian ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 2-Apr-2014
42003A growth modelling approach to predicting the correlated responses to selection for feeding and growth traitsWalmsley, Bradley J; Kinghorn, Brian 2-Feb-2010
52003Optimising recording structures of a beef cattle breeding schemeKelly, M; Kinghorn, Brian ; Meszaros, Susan Agatha2-Feb-2010
62003A genetic algorithm to investigate genotyping in groupsMacrossan, Paula Elizabeth; Kinghorn, Brian 2-Feb-2010
72006The practical application of group genotyping theory in porcine herdsMacrossan, Paula Elizabeth; Southwood, OI; Kinghorn, Brian 21-Mar-2012
82005Selective genotyping for determination of a major gene associated with cranial cruciate ligament disease in the newfoundland dogMacrossan, Paula Elizabeth; Kinghorn, Brian ; Wilkes, Janelle ; Rothschild, M F4-Feb-2010
92010New Method Of Trait Recording In Aquaculture Breeding Based On The Use Of Marker TechnologyVan der Steen, H A M; Bastiaansen, J W M; Kinghorn, Brian 21-Apr-2011
102010The accuracy of genomic selection in predicting carcass traits in meat sheepSlack-Smith, Andrew; Kinghorn, Brian ; Hickey, John; Van Der Werf, Julius H 21-Apr-2011