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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Opening a Can of Worms: Consenting Partners in Aged CareRahn, Alison ; Lykins, Amy ; Bennett, Cary ; Jones, Tiffany 23-May-2017
22005Un Tragitto sulla ricerca dell'identit√† Femminile: La Narrativa di Anna Banti e Paola CaprioloCavallaro, Annamaria 1-Jul-2009
32008The use of Wiki in teaching/learning peace studies: A platform for the disadvantagedWare, Helen ; Tynan, Belinda21-Aug-2009
42006Contesting Characters at Hedgeley DeneWood, Stephen ; Woodcock, Ian; Dovey, Kim20-Aug-2009
52013FloraCultures: Conserving Perth's Botanical Heritage Through a Digital RepositoryRyan, John C 25-May-2017
62008Writing Pedagogy and Arts HonoursWilliamson, Dugald George ; Williamson, Rosemary Ann 19-Aug-2009
72011Solon as Prophet and Diviner: Was the Athenian Mediator and Archon of 594 BC Inspired by Mania?Dillon, Matthew P 20-Jun-2012
82010No end to the way: Using G.M. Glaskin's life and works in creative writing teachingFisher, Jeremy 25-May-2011
92015Higher education students' use of technologies for assessment within Personal Learning Environments (PLEs)Lounsbury, Lynette; Mildenhall, Paula; Bolton, David; Northcote, Maria; Anderson, Alan 20-Jul-2016
102015Urban Dimensions of Creative Clustering: Mix/Adaptation/Networks/AmbivalenceWood, Stephen ; Dovey, Kim; Pike, Lucinda24-May-2017