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12011Vegetative reproduction facilitates early expansion of 'Phyla canescens' in a semi-arid floodplainPrice, Jodi N ; MacDonald, Matthew J; Gross, Caroline L ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Simpson, Ian 26-Jul-2011
22013Does A Rising Tide Lift All Boats?: The Case of Vertical Strategic Alliances Involving Housewives Groups in Northern ThailandVillano, Renato ; Khrueathai, Phanin; Fleming, Euan 6-Feb-2014
32011Introduction: Special Edition on Local Government and Local Government Policy in AustraliaDollery, Brian E ; Grant, Bligh 24-Aug-2011
42009Australian Alternatives to Local Government ConsolidationDollery, Brian E ; Grant, Bligh 22-Apr-2010
52015Waishang Jiju Dui Waishang Zhijie Touzi Quwei Xuanze Yingxiang Yanjiu: Laizi Taiwan Diqu Dui Zhongguo Dalu Touzi De Jingyan ShujuXie, Meng-jun; Chen, George 3-Nov-2015
62006Say's Law and the Business CyclesMeng, Xianming 21-Jan-2013
72011Linking minds to marketsWood, Fiona 7-Mar-2014
82009Prologue - Doing scholarship differently: Doing scholarship that matters - An interview with Amanda SinclairSheridan, Alison J ; Pringle, Judith; Strachan, Glenda14-Oct-2010
92012Older but no wiserWood, Fiona 13-Mar-2014
102009Economic and Social Diversity in Australia's Cotton Producing CommunitiesSorensen, Anthony ; Kotey, Bernice A 22-Oct-2010