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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11998Ground zeroJames, Wendy27-Jul-2011
21998Going Down A HeroJames, Wendy19-Jan-2015
31989The Authentic Early Depiction of Donahs and Larrikins by Edward G. DysonRyan, John S 10-Sep-2012
41998Pleading GuiltyJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
51998The Purse In Her HandJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
62001This One Was DifferentJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
72009History and FictionJames, Wendy6-Dec-2011
82008Poems, Plants and Post-modern Australian Men and Women: or 'The Boy from the Bush' in Sydney TownRyan, John Sprott 10-Aug-2009
92001ContractionsJames, Wendy3-Oct-2014
101997London, EnglandJames, Wendy9-Oct-2014