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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
19-Apr-2013Maximal antichains of minimum sizeKalinowski, Thomas ; Leck, Uwe; Roberts, Ian T26-Apr-2019
2Oct-2017The metric dimension of the circulant graph C(n,±{1,2,3,4})Grigorious, Cyriac; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Ryan, Joe; Stephen, Sudeep24-Apr-2019
3Feb-2016Minimizing the regularity of maximal regular antichains of 2- and 3-setsKalinowski, Thomas ; Leck, Uwe; Reiher, Christian; Roberts, Ian T26-Apr-2019
424-Jul-2009A dual of the rectangle-segmentation problem for binary matricesKalinowski, Thomas 26-Apr-2019
529-May-2009Maximal flat antichains of minimum weightGruttmuller, Martin; Hartmann, Sven; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Leck, Uwe; Roberts, Ian T26-Apr-2019
62004A Recolouring Problem on Undirected GraphsKalinowski, Thomas 24-Apr-2019
7Feb-2017Incremental Network Design with Minimum Spanning TreesEngel, Konrad; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Savelsbergh, Martin W P24-Apr-2019
8Oct-2017𝐻-supermagic labelings for firecrackers, banana trees and flowersWijaya, Rachel Wulan Nirmalasari; Semanicova-Fenovcikova, Andrea; Ryan, Joe; Kalinowski, Thomas 24-Apr-2019
96-May-2009The complexity of minimizing the number of shape matrices subject to minimal beam-on time in multileaf collimator field decomposition with bounded fluenceKalinowski, Thomas 26-Apr-2019
102005A duality based algorithm for multileaf collimator field segmentation with interleaf collision constraintKalinowski, Thomas 24-Apr-2019