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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
120065-[(E)-2-(4-Methoxycarbonylphenyl)ethenyl]-1,1,3,3-tetramethylisoindolin-2-yloxylKeddie, Daniel ; Bottle, Steven E; Clegg, Jack K; McMurtrie, John C24-Jul-2014
22006Highly-oxidised, sulfur-rich, mixed-valence vanadium(IV/V) complexesTaylor, Michelle K ; Evans, DJ; Young, CG1-Aug-2011
32006Modelling the impact of geometric parameters on the redox potential of blue copper proteinsTaylor, Michelle K ; Stevenson, DE; Berlouis, LEA; Kennedy, AR; Reglinski, J1-Aug-2011
42006The effect of donor groups and geometry on the redox potential of copper Schiff base complexesTaylor, Michelle K ; Reglinski, J; Berlouis, LEA; Kennedy, AR1-Aug-2011
520064-Hydroxymethyl-1-(2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl)-1,2,3-triazoleWilkinson, Brendan ; Bornaghi, Laurent F; Houston, Todd A; Poulsen, Sally-Ann; White, Alan R26-Apr-2018
62006Dynamic surface pressure measurements on a square cylinder with pressure sensitive paintMcGraw, Christina ; Bell, James H; Khalil, Gamal; Callis, James B14-Oct-2014
72006Hydrogenated Schiff base ligands: Towards the controlled organisation of open metal frameworksReglinski, J; Taylor, Michelle K ; Kennedy, AR1-Aug-2011
82006Hexaaqua(4-chloro-3-formylbenzenesulfonato) calcium(II) 4-chloro-3-formylbenzenesulfonate monohydrateWallace, Dawn; Reglinski, John; Taylor, Michelle K ; Kennedy, Alan R1-Aug-2011
92006Synthetic utility of glycosyl triazoles in carbohydrate chemistryWilkinson, Brendan ; Bornaghi, Laurent F; Poulsen, Sally-Ann; Houston, Todd A27-Apr-2018
102006A Novel Class of Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors: Glycoconjugate Benzene Sulfonamides Prepared by "Click-Tailing"Wilkinson, Brendan ; Bornaghi, Laurent F; Houston, Todd A; Innocenti, Alessio; Supuran, Claudiu T; Poulsen, Sally-Ann27-Apr-2018