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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Micropropagation of selected ornamental hybrids of 'Eucalyptus erythronema' x 'E. stricklandii'Glocke, P; Delaporte, K; Collins, G; Sedgley, Margaret 29-Jul-2013
22006The use of ARMS PCR in detection and identification of xanthomonads associated with pistachio dieback in AustraliaMarefat, A; Orphel-Keller, K; Scott, E S; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
320066-Benzylamino purine stimulates 'in vitro' shoot organogenesis in 'Eucalyptus erythronema, E. stricklandii' and their interspecific hybridsGlocke, Pauline; Collins, Graham; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
42006Micropropagation of juvenile tissue of Eucalyptus erythronema x eucalyptus stricklandii cv. 'urrbrae gem'Glocke, P; Delaporte, K; Collins, G; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
52006Increased Tomato Yield Through Pollination by Native Australian 'Amegilla chlorocyanea' (hymenoptera: anthophoridae)Hogendoorn, Katja; Gross, Caroline Lucie ; Sedgley, Margaret ; Keller, Michael A.6-Nov-2009
62006Genetic, phenotypic and pathogenic diversity among xanthomonads isolate from pistachio ('Pistacia vera') in AustraliaMarefat, A; Scott, E S; Ophel-Keller, K; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
72006Improved methods in 'Agrobacterium'–mediated transformation of almond using positive (mannose/pmi) or negative (kanamycin resistance) selection-based protocolsRamesh, Sunita A; Kaiser, Brent N; Franks, Tricia; Collins, Graham; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
82006Effects of auxins on organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis from juvenile explants of 'Eucalyptus erythronema', E. 'stricklandii', and two inter-specific hybridsGlocke, Pauline; Collins, Graham; Sedgley, Margaret 5-Mar-2010
92006Concentration and Duration of Ethylene Treatment Influences the Response of Banana to 1-MethylcyclopropeneMoradinezhad, F; Able, A J; Sedgley, Margaret ; Klieber, A16-Apr-2010