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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Extraction and analysis of forensic document examiner features used for writer identificationPervouchine, Vladimir; Leedham, Graham 19-Jan-2012
22003MIMD-SIMD hybrid system: towards a new low cost parallel systemSim, Leo Chin; Schroder, Heiko; Leedham, Graham 22-May-2014
32003Fluency Function Approximation of Thin Line ImagesKawazoe, Fumio; Toraichi, Kazuo; Nakamura, Koji; Kwan, Paul H 22-Sep-2014
42002On a Fluency Image Coding System for Beef Marbling EvaluationToraichi, K; Kwan, PH ; Katagishi, K; Sugiyama, T; Wada, K; Mitsumoto, M; Nakai, H; Yoshikawa, F13-May-2008
52004Major line removal morphological hough transform on a hybrid systemSim, Leo Chin; Schroder, Heiko; Leedham, Graham 1-Jun-2010
62007Infrared imaging of hand vein patterns for biometric purposesWang, Lingyu; Leedham, Graham ; Cho, S-Y21-Dec-2011
72004A New Hybrid Approach to Handwritten Address VerificationLee, C K; Leedham, Graham 16-Apr-2010
82005Reinforcement learning combined with a fuzzy adaptive learning control network (FALCON-R) for pattern classificationQuah, Kian Hong; Quek, Hiok Chai; Leedham, Graham 21-May-2010
92007A non-iterative reconstruction method for direct and unambiguous coherent diffractive imagingPodorov, S G; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Paganin, David8-Dec-2009
102007On-line recognition of handwritten Renqun shorthand for fast mobile Chinese text entryMa, Yang; Leedham, Graham 1-Jun-2010