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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Synthesis and cross-linking of polyisoprene latexesCheong, In Woo; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G12-Feb-2010
22005Effect of surfactants used for binder synthesis on the properties of latex paintsButler, Lauren N; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G12-Feb-2010
32003Inhibition of Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate by Poly(acrylic acids)s with Different End GroupsDoherty, WOS; Fellows, C ; Gorjian, S; Senogles, E; Cheung, WH6-May-2008
42001Carbon oxidation kinetics from evolved carbon oxide analysis during temperature-programmed oxidationLi, Chao'en; Brown, Trevor C 6-Oct-2017
52005Insights into bridging flocculationFellows, Christopher ; Doherty, WOS1-May-2009
62009Determination of bound and unbound water in dental alginate irreversible hydrocolloid by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyFellows, Christopher ; Thomas, Graham A4-Nov-2011
72002Water-binding and oxygen permeability in poly(vinyl alcohol) filmsLien, Lily; Fellows, Christopher ; Copeland, Lachlan; Hawkett, Brian S; Gilbert, Robert G14-May-2010
82005A Method for Preparing Low-Allergen Natural Rubber LatexVivaygananthan, Kathireson; Lai, Pin-Fa; Gan, Seng-Neon; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G14-May-2010
92004Synthesis and Structure: Property Relations of Latexes Comprising Graft Copolymers between Telechelic Polybutadiene and Dodecyl MethacrylatePham, Binh T T; Gilbert, Robert G; Fellows, Christopher 30-Apr-2010
102005Radical entry mechanisms in redox-initiated emulsion polymerizationsLamb, David J; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G12-Feb-2010