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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Photoinduced electron transfer in paraquat inclusion complexes of porphyrin-based receptorsFlamigni, L; Talarico, A; Gunter, Maxwell John; Johnston, Martin; Jeynes, Tyrone1-May-2009
22004Amide-appended porphyrins as scaffolds for catenanes, rotaxanes and anion receptorsGunter, Maxwell John; Farquhar, Sandra; Mullen, Kathleen4-May-2009
32008Towards Multistation Rotaxanes Using Metalloporphyrin Coordination TemplatingMullen, Kathleen; Gunter, Maxwell John1-May-2009
42008Monitoring the thermodynamically-controlled formation of diimide-based resin-attached rotaxanes by gel-phase HR MAS ¹H NMR SpectroscopyMullen, Kathleen; Johnstone, Ken; Webb, Matthew; Bampos, Nick; Sanders, Jeremy K M; Gunter, Maxwell John1-May-2009
52003Translational isomerism and dynamics in multi-hydroquinone derived porphyrin [2]- and [3]-catenanesGunter, Maxwell John; Farquhar, Sandra; Jeynes, Tyrone5-May-2009
62003Photoinduced electron transfer between the interlocked components of porphyrin catenanes: effect of the presence of nonequivalent reduction sites on the charge recombination rateFlamigni, L; Talarico, AM; Serroni, S; Puntoriero, F; Gunter, MJ; Johnston, M; Jeynes, T21-Jul-2008
72004Structural Homology and Dynamic Variation in a Series of Porphyrin Bipyridinium Receptors and Their [2]CatenanesGunter, Maxwell John; Jeynes, Tyrone; Turner, P15-May-2009
82005Neutral donor-acceptor porphyrin-stoppered [2]rotaxanesGunter, Maxwell John; Merican, Zulkifli1-May-2009
92005Flexible self-assembling porphyrin supramoleculesJohnstone, Ken; Yamaguchi, K; Gunter, Maxwell John1-May-2009
102005Dynamic synthesis of a macrocycle containing a porphyrin and an electron donorKieran, AL; Pascu, SI; Jarrosson, T; Gunter, Maxwell John; Sanders, JKM1-May-2009