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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Comparison of Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows in a two-dimensional carotid artery model using the lattice Boltzmann methodBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James20-May-2009
22005Oligomeric State and Mode of Self-Association of Thermotoga maritima Ribosomal Stalk Protein L12 in SolutionMoens, P ; Wahl, MC; Jameson, DM2-May-2008
32009Profilin Interaction with Phosphatidylinositol (4,5)-Bisphosphate Destabilizes the Membrane of Giant Unilamellar VesiclesKrishnan, Kannan; Holub, Oliver; Gratton, Enrico; Clayton, Andrew H.A.; Cody, Stephen; Moens, Pierre 20-Nov-2009
42007Analysis of the Casson and Carreau-Yasuda non-Newtonian blood models in steady and oscillatory flows using the lattice Boltzmann methodBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James; Green, Simon20-May-2009
52001Analysis of Models of F-Actin Using fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer SpectroscopyMoens, P ; dos Remedios, CG2-May-2008
62003Fluorescence: Basic Concepts, Practical Aspects, and Some AnecdotesJameson, David; Croney, John C.; Moens, Pierre 9-Nov-2009
72009Structure and functions of profilinsKrishnan, Kannan; Moens, Pierre 16-Jun-2010
82004Detection of tryptophan to tryptophan energy transfer in proteinsMoens, P ; Helms, MK; Jameson, DM2-May-2008
92005Application of the lattice Boltzmann model to simulated stenosis growth in a two-dimensional carotid arteryBoyd, J; Buick, J; Cosgrove, J; Stansell, P2-May-2008
102007Myelin structure is a key difference in the x-ray scattering signature between meningioma, schwannoma and glioblastoma multiformeFalzon, Gregory ; Pearson, Sarah Jayne; Murison, Robert David ; Hall, C; Siu, K; Round, A; Schültke, E; Kaye, AH; Lewis, R21-May-2009