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12008Monitoring surface crystal growth using an intrinsic exposed-core optical fibre sensor (IECOFS)Lamb, David ; Boerkamp, Martijn; Lye, Peter ; Sampson, David; Collins, Stephen; Oh, Kyunghwan; Yamauchi, Ryozo6-May-2010
22005Free energy of solvation of simple ions: Molecular-dynamics study of solvation of Cl- and Na+ in the ice/water interfaceSmith, Erica ; Bryk, Taras; Haymet, Anthony D J19-Jul-2011
32008Copper N₂S₂ Schiff base macrocycles: The effect of structure on redox potentialTaylor, Michelle K ; Trotter, KD; Reglinski, J; Berlouis, LEA; Kennedy, AR; Spickett, CM; Sowden, RJ22-Jul-2011
42009Analysis of cotton ('Gossypium hirsutum') root proteomes during a compatible interaction with the black root rot fungus 'Thielaviopsis basicola'Coumans-Moens, Joelle ; Poljak, Anne; Raftery, Mark J; Backhouse, David ; Pereg, Lily 27-Jul-2010
52006Modelling the impact of geometric parameters on the redox potential of blue copper proteinsTaylor, Michelle K ; Stevenson, DE; Berlouis, LEA; Kennedy, AR; Reglinski, J1-Aug-2011
62006Hexaaqua(4-chloro-3-formylbenzenesulfonato) calcium(II) 4-chloro-3-formylbenzenesulfonate monohydrateWallace, Dawn; Reglinski, John; Taylor, Michelle K ; Kennedy, Alan R1-Aug-2011
72006Highly-oxidised, sulfur-rich, mixed-valence vanadium(IV/V) complexesTaylor, Michelle K ; Evans, DJ; Young, CG1-Aug-2011
82006The effect of donor groups and geometry on the redox potential of copper Schiff base complexesTaylor, Michelle K ; Reglinski, J; Berlouis, LEA; Kennedy, AR1-Aug-2011
92009Determination of bound and unbound water in dental alginate irreversible hydrocolloid by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyFellows, Christopher ; Thomas, Graham A4-Nov-2011
102004[N,N'-bis-(o-sulfidobenzylidene)-1,3-diaminopropane]nickel(II) 1,4-dioxane solvateTaylor, Michelle K ; Reglinski, John; Wallace, Dawn22-Aug-2014