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12007Characterization of the bubble cluster and velocity field in the focal region of a lithotripterBuick, James M; Cosgrove, JA; Eizenhöfer, H; Higham, R; Royles, R7-May-2009
22004Application of the acousto-optic effect to pressure measurements in ultrasound fields in water using a laser vibrometerBuick, James; Cosgrove, JA; Douissard, P-A; Greated, CA; Gilabert, B4-May-2009
32009Malfunction in GABA and Glutamate as Pathways to Depression: A Review of the EvidenceSharpley, Christopher 9-Apr-2010
42004Diffusion of hydrogen in cubic Laves phase HfTi₂HxBhatia, B; Luo, X; Sholl, C; Sholl, D6-May-2008
52004Evidence for an Interaction between CB₁ Cannabinoid and Melanocortin MCR-4 Receptors in Regulating Food IntakeVerty, Aaron N; McFarlane, James Robert; McGregor, Iain; Mallet, Paul Emile10-Dec-2009
62005The HERON Reaction: Origin, theoretical background, and prevalenceGlover, S ; Rauk, A; Buccigross, JM; Campbell, JJ; Hammond, GP; Mo, G; Andrews, L; Gillson, A6-May-2008
72002On the profile of the changing sign mountain pass solutions for an elliptic problemDancer, EN; Yan, S 7-May-2008
82002Effects of a Degeneracy in the Competition Model Part II.: Perturbation and Dynamical BehaviourDu, Y 27-Jun-2008
92001Automorphisms of Nondegenerate CR Quadrics and Siegel Domains: Explicit DescriptionEzov, V; Schmalz, G 2-May-2008
102005Diffusivity for diffusion between e and g interstitial sites in the C15 AB₂ structureSholl, C21-Apr-2008