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12007Dynamic Axial Ligand-Site Exchange in Facially Discriminated Ruthenium (II) Carbonyl and Rhodium (III) Halide MetalloporphyrinsGunter, Maxwell John; Mullen, Kathleen1-May-2009
22007Comparison of Echinacea alkylamide pharmacokinetics between liquid and tablet preparationsMatthias, A; Addison, RS; Agnew, Linda ; Bone, Kerry; Watson, Kenneth ; Lehmann, R. P.11-Nov-2009
32007Kinetics of a Two-Component p-Hydroxyphenylacetate Hydroxylase Explain How Reduced Flavin Is Transferred from the Reductase to the OxygenaseSucharitakul, J; Phongsak, T; Entsch, Barrie; Svasti, J; Chaiyen, P; Ballou, DP30-Sep-2011
42007Lazer-McKenna conjecture: the critical caseWei, Juncheng; Yan, Shusen 19-Apr-2010
52007Elliptic CR-manifolds and shear invariant ordinary differential equations with additional symmetriesEzhov, Vladimir; Schmalz, Gerd 9-Nov-2009
62007Offshore Outsourcing: The Risk of Keeping MumRamingwong, Sakgasit; Sajeev, Abudulkadir 10-Nov-2009
72007Luciferase from 'Vibrio campbellii' is more thermostable and binds reduced FMN better than its homologuesSuadee, C; Nijivipakul, S; Svasti, J; Entsch, Barrie; Ballou, DP; Chaiyen, P4-Oct-2011
82007Characterization of the bubble cluster and velocity field in the focal region of a lithotripterBuick, James M; Cosgrove, JA; Eizenhöfer, H; Higham, R; Royles, R7-May-2009
92007Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) composite biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration: In vitro performance assessed by osteoblast proliferation, osteoclast adhesion and resorption, and macrophage proinflammatory responseCool, SM; Kenny, B; Wu, A; Nurcombe, V; Cassady, Alan ; Grondahl, L28-Jul-2011
102007Methodologies for symmetrical-flow field-flow fractionation analysis of polymeric gluteninDaqiq, Laila; Fellows, Christopher ; Bekes, Ferenc; Lees, Edith6-Nov-2009