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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Impact of glucose infusion on the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue and on hypothalamic gene expression for appetite regulatory neuropeptides in the sheep fetus during late gestationMuhlhausler, B S; Adam, C L; Marrocco, E M; Findlay, P A; Roberts, C T; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; McMillen, I C10-Dec-2009
22005Statically Qualified Types in TimorKeedy, J Leslie; Espenlaub, Klaus; Heinlein, Christian; Menger, Gisela; Evered, Mark Peter 9-Dec-2009
32005Adiabatic elimination, the rotating-wave approximation and two-photon transitionsFewell, Matthew Peter20-May-2009
42005Phase Measurement for Accurate Mapping of Chemical Bonds in Acentric Space GroupsSpackman, MA; Jiang, B; Groy, TL; He, H; Whitten, Andrew; Spence, JCH21-May-2009
52005An Elliptic Problem Related to Planar Vortex PairsLi, Gongbao; Yan, Shusen ; Yang, Jianfu27-Jan-2010
62005Effect of surfactants used for binder synthesis on the properties of latex paintsButler, Lauren N; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G12-Feb-2010
72005Kinetics of surface grafting on polyisoprene latexes by reaction calorimetryKangwansupamonkon, Wiyong; Fellows, Christopher ; Lamb, David J; Gilbert, Robert G; Kiatkamjornwong, Suda12-Feb-2010
82005Use of horizontal and vertical climbing structures by captive common marmosets ('Callithrix jacchus')Pines, Mathew; Kaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 25-Jan-2010
92005The HERON Reaction: Origin, theoretical background, and prevalenceGlover, S ; Rauk, A; Buccigross, JM; Campbell, JJ; Hammond, GP; Mo, G; Andrews, L; Gillson, A6-May-2008
102005Profile of patients with metabolic syndrome recruited for a study of an automated dietary assessment website in primary careWarwick, Penelope Margaret27-Jan-2010