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12002Protein and ligand dynamics in 4-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylaseWang, J; Ortiz-Maldonado, M; Entsch, Barrie; Massey, V; Ballou, D P; Gatti, D L1-May-2009
22002Enhancement of glutathione-dependent haemin degradation by ascorbic acidZou, C; Agar, NS; Jones, GL 1-May-2008
32002Fingerprinting intermolecular interactions in molecular crystalsSpackman, Mark Arthur; McKinnon, Joshua1-May-2009
42002Rayleigh Depolarization Ratios, Kerr Effects, Polarizabilities, and Hyperpolarizabilities of CH₃Br, CH₂Br₂, CHBr₃ and CBr₄.: Comparison of Experimental and ab Initio Calculated PolarizabilitiesBlanch, Ewan; Keir, Roland; Ritchie, Geoffrey4-May-2009
52002Circulating Leptin Concentrations Are Positively Related to Leptin Messenger RNA Expression in the Adipose Tissue of Fetal Sheep in the Pregnant Ewe Fed at or Below Maintenance Energy Requirements During Late GestationYuen, B S J; Owens, P C; McFarlane, James R; Symonds, M E; Edwards, L J; Kauter, Kathleen; McMillen, I C20-Nov-2009
62002Water-binding and oxygen permeability in poly(vinyl alcohol) filmsLien, Lily; Fellows, Christopher ; Copeland, Lachlan; Hawkett, Brian S; Gilbert, Robert G14-May-2010
72002Electron Distribution and Molecular Motion in Crystalline Benzene: An Accurate Experimental Study Combining CCD X-ray Data on C₆H₆ with Multitemperature Neutron-Diffraction Results on C₆D₆Burgi, HB; Capelli, SC; Goeta, AE; Howard, JAK; Spackman, Mark Arthur; Yufit, DS1-May-2009
82002Fetal Leptin Is a Signal of Fat Mass Independent of Maternal Nutrition in Ewes Fed at or above Maintenance Energy RequirementsMulhausler, B S; Roberts, CT; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; McMillen, I C20-Nov-2009
92002Non-breeding territoriality in the New Holland Honeyeater, 'Phylidonyris novaehollandiae', in an unpredictable environment: short-term energy costs for possible long-term reproductive benefitsMcFarland, David C.30-Oct-2009
102002In situ nitrogen fixation associated with seagrasses in the Gulf of Elat (Red Sea)Pereg, Lily ; Sar, N; Lipkin, Y2-May-2008