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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Insights into bridging flocculationFellows, Christopher ; Doherty, WOS1-May-2009
22004Synthesis and Structure: Property Relations of Latexes Comprising Graft Copolymers between Telechelic Polybutadiene and Dodecyl MethacrylatePham, Binh T T; Gilbert, Robert G; Fellows, Christopher 30-Apr-2010
32009Effect of Poly(acrylic acid) End-Group Functionality on Inhibition of Calcium Oxalate Crystal GrowthWallace, Andrew ; Al-Hamzah, Ali; East, Christopher; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair; Fellows, Christopher 6-Apr-2010
42007Methodologies for symmetrical-flow field-flow fractionation analysis of polymeric gluteninDaqiq, Laila; Fellows, Christopher ; Bekes, Ferenc; Lees, Edith6-Nov-2009
52009Effect of Poly(acrylic acid) Molecular Mass and End-Group Functionality on Calcium Oxalate Crystal Morphology and GrowthEast, Christopher; Wallace, Andrew ; Al-Hamzah, Ali; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair; Fellows, Christopher 6-Apr-2010
62004Chain Transfer to Monomer and Polymer in the Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Neo-decanoateBalic, R; Fellows, Christopher ; van Herk, AM4-May-2009
72005Preliminary observations on the copolymerisation of acceptor monomer: Donor monomer systems under microwave irradiationFellows, Christopher 4-May-2009
82002Water-binding and oxygen permeability in poly(vinyl alcohol) filmsLien, Lily; Fellows, Christopher ; Copeland, Lachlan; Hawkett, Brian S; Gilbert, Robert G14-May-2010
92002The interactions of amphiphilic latexes with surfaces: the effect of surface modifications and ionic strengthPrescott, Stuart W; Fellows, Christopher ; Considine, Robert F; Drummond, Callum J; Gilbert, Robert G14-May-2010
102005A Method for Preparing Low-Allergen Natural Rubber LatexVivaygananthan, Kathireson; Lai, Pin-Fa; Gan, Seng-Neon; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G14-May-2010