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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Construction of various types of solutions for an elliptic problemDancer, Edward Norman ; Yan, Shusen 10-Dec-2009
22004An elliptic problem with critical growth in domains with shrinking holesLi, Gongbao; Yan, Shusen ; Yang, Jianfu28-Feb-2012
32005An Elliptic Problem Related to Planar Vortex PairsLi, Gongbao; Yan, Shusen ; Yang, Jianfu27-Jan-2010
42006Solutions with Interior and Boundary Peaks for the Neumann Problem of an Elliptic System of FitzHugh-Nagumo TypeDancer, Edward N ; Yan, Shusen 25-Jan-2010
52006Multipilicity of Asymmetric Solutions for Nonlinear Elliptic ProblemsCao, Daomin; Noussair, Ezzat; Yan, Shusen 29-Jan-2010
62006The Lazer-McKenna conjecture for an elliptic problem with critical growth, part IILi, Gongbao; Yan, Shusen ; Yang, Jianfu29-Jan-2010
72006Solutions with interior bubble and boundary layer for an elliptic Neumann problem with critical nonlinearityWei, Juncheng; Yan, Shusen 2-Feb-2010
82006Interior peak solutions for an elliptic system of FitzHugh-Nagumo typeDancer, Edward N ; Yan, Shusen 2-Feb-2010
92002Multibump solutions for an elliptic problem in expanding domainsDancer, Edward Norman ; Yan, Shusen 30-Nov-2012
102007A new type of solutions for a singularly perturbed elliptic Neumann problemGongbao, Li; Peng, Shuangjie; Yan, Shusen 1-Jun-2010