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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Alarm Calls of the Australian Magpie ('Gymnorhina tibicen'): Predators Elicit Complex Vocal Responses and Mobbing BehaviourKaplan, Gisela ; Johnson, Gayle; Koboroff, Adam; Rogers, Lesley 12-Mar-2010
22008Hemispheric specialization in Australian magpies ('Gymnorhina tibicen') shown as eye preferences during response to a predatorKoboroff, Adam Stephen; Kaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 19-Apr-2010
32006Head-cocking as a form of exploration in the common marmoset and its developmentKaplan, G ; Rogers, Lesley 6-Aug-2008
42009Contact Calls of Common Marmosets ('Callithrix jacchus'): Influence of Age of Caller on Antiphonal Calling and Other Vocal ResponsesChen, Hou-Chun ; Kaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 12-Apr-2010
52005Use of horizontal and vertical climbing structures by captive common marmosets ('Callithrix jacchus')Pines, Mathew; Kaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 25-Jan-2010
62002Patterns of Gazing in Orangutans ('Pongo pygmaeus')Kaplan, G ; Rogers, Lesley 13-Jun-2008
72004Saliva sampling to assess cortisol levels in unrestrained common marmosets and the effect of behavioral stressCross, Nicola; Pines, Mathew; Rogers, Lesley 16-Aug-2012
82003Light-dependent development of asymmetry in the ipsilateral and contralateral thalamofugal visual projections of the chickKoshiba, Mamiko; Nakamura, Shun; Deng, Chao; Rogers, Lesley 8-Dec-2009
92004Lateralized prey-catching responses in the cane toad, 'Bufo marinus': analysis of complex visual stimuliRobins, Andrew; Rogers, Lesley 3-Apr-2012
102006Relationship Between Paw Preference Strength and Noise Phobia in 'Canis familiaris'Branson, Nicholas Julian; Rogers, Lesley 15-Sep-2011