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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Light-dependent development of asymmetry in the ipsilateral and contralateral thalamofugal visual projections of the chickKoshiba, Mamiko; Nakamura, Shun; Deng, Chao; Rogers, Lesley 8-Dec-2009
22006Development of the two visual pathways and lateralized visual function in the chickenRogers, Lesley 11-Dec-2009
32004Lateralized prey-catching responses in the cane toad, 'Bufo marinus': analysis of complex visual stimuliRobins, Andrew; Rogers, Lesley 3-Apr-2012
42005Use of horizontal and vertical climbing structures by captive common marmosets ('Callithrix jacchus')Pines, Mathew; Kaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 25-Jan-2010
52004Diurnal cycle in salivary cortisol levels in common marmosetsCross, Nicola; Rogers, Lesley 3-Apr-2012
62004Advantages of having a lateralized brainRogers, Lesley ; Zucca, P; Vallortigara, G18-Jul-2008
72006Richard Freeman Mark 1934-2003Waite, PME; Rogers, Lesley 1-May-2009
82006Same-sex sexual behavior in birds: expression is related to social mating system and state of development at hatchingMacFarlane, Geoff R; Blomberg, Simon P; Kaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 27-Nov-2009
92009Visual lateralization and development of spatial and social spacing behaviour of chicks ('Gallus gallus domesticus')Wichman, A; Rogers, Lesley ; Freire, Raf16-Mar-2010
102009Hand and paw preferences in relation to the lateralized brainRogers, Lesley 16-Mar-2010